Pay the Legal Impost before filling Form.

Disbursement will commence according to TGF ID Numbers.
Time-table will be published soon.

Choose any of the 3 Categories
1. Ordinary Beneficiary
2. Senior Partner (Cluster Head) &
3. NGO Partner.

Theobarth Global Foundation, TGF, will empower over 38,895,000 persons across the country in 2022/2024. Application is open and extended; closing date will be announced soon.

There are 3 Categories of Grant: Ordinary Beneficiary, Senior Partner (Cluster Head) & NGO. Anyone can apply for any of the positions.

1. Ordinary Beneficiaries will get up to maximum of N1,850,000 to start a business.
2. Cluster Heads are qualified for a Grant of N5 Million Naira Only.

3. NGO is qualified for a Grant of N10 Million naira only.


To Apply as Ordinary Beneficiary, pay Legal Impost of N2,900;

To Apply as a Senior Partner, pay Legal Impost of N28,900

To Apply as an NGO Partner, pay Legal Impost and validation fee of N48,900.

After Payment, your TGF ID Number will be sent to your Email. Keep it safe and hidden.

New CBN Policy: All Grants must be processed with Legal Impost.



Pay to: 

Bank: OPAY (PAYCOM) Bank

Account Name: Theobarth Global Foundation

Account Number: 9137736194

Forward your evidence of Payment to: info@theobarthglobalfoundation.com

After Payment, fill the form Below. Your Grant will be validated and queued within 14 working days.

Email: info@theobarthglobalfoundation.com

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